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Kevin Murphy 

Kevin Murphy

why Kevin Murphy?

We hunted for a high quality vegan haircare range. A range that truely delivered what they say they will. Using all natrual, sustainably sourced ingredients from organic renewable sources.

Bio degradable and conscious packaging in as many areas as they can.

Kevin Murpphy is so dedicated to the continuing sustanability of the environment they are constantly aiding to charitable trusts that fucous on both human and environmental issues. Amongst these charitys are The Climate Reality Project, Wings of Karen and Culture is Life.

All of that tickled me just right so like, why not Kevin Murphy you know?

cruelty free?

Kevin Murphy is certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

Kevin Murphy is not 100% vegan, not because they test their products on animals, but some ingredients are animal derived. Not directly, the ingredients that are animal derived are a very small percentage.

Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy

a not from Rachel

Kevin Murphy by far exceeds the expectations of any other range I've worked with. It is beautiful! I'm not just hyping it up cause its what we stock. I seriously love this range.

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