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Rachel Haaker

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Get to know Rachel, the dedicated creative behind RH Hairdressing

"I am an interesting creature to say the least. I deeply enjoy nature and the simple things in life, right down to the way the trees respond to the wind or how my daughter creates so much joy everywhere she goes.

Being a mother has opened my eyes to so many things in life. It has taught me to appreciate the small moments - those are what matter to me.


My fashion is important to my self expression. My favourite saying is “why not”. Wear that pink jump suit or those platform boots.

Travel is a big part of my flavour. A road trip or catching a flight excites me. The thought of exploring more of this world inspires me on so many levels.

I consider myself a foodie but also really enjoy a bowl of plain rice.

Diversity is deeply rooted in who I am. Keeping my mind open to new ways of being is really interesting to me. I'm the woman who asks “but why?”


My need to explore along with my openness to creativity has flourished with my passion in hairdressing. Discovering new techniques and fine tuning old ones is my idea of loving work. Becoming the best hairdresser to bring forward only the highest quality techniques is what gets me to sleep at night.

Loving the process all the way".

RH Hairdressing | Hair Salon | Mount Maunganui New Zealand