Post-Partum Hair loss


Due to a rapid change in our estrogen's balance post-partum. We experience loss as our hairs life growth cycle is shorted as a result of our hormones.


Typically, around the 3-month mark.


Your diet is a factor in reducing post-partum hair loss. There are products like the De Lorenzo Amplify which helps create texture and volume to the hair. Or products like the Nioxin 3D range which will help to stimulate healthy and strong growth from the scalp. Just bare in mind that these products will help, not fix the problem. Time is the best cure.

Time for our hormones to regain normality and balance.


Please contact a medical professional if you are unsure if what your experiencing is normal.

No harm in asking 😊

I'm Back!

Hello everyone!

Due to the rapid decline in COVID-19 cases in Queensland I am extremely happy to announce my decision to re-open for business!

I’ve utilized this free time to work on some aspects of RH Hairdressing. Without going into too much boring detail ill take this opportunity to update you all.

Firstly, off I have online consultation forms which I will be sending out to all of you. Even if you have seen me before I ask if you could please fill it out so I can make sure I have all the relevant information on file.

I will now be taking a 20% deposit of your service to confirm your appointment. Which will come off the service on the day.

I now have a 24-hour cancellation policy which in the even I am not given adequate notice your deposit is non-refundable.

Another new policy in place is a 48-hour change of mind. Which basically is if you have a major change in mind in regards to a colour prior to your appointment. I cannot guarantee I can accommodate this. As a mobile hairdresser I do not carry every possible product on me to every appointment. So, I need adequate notice in the event you want to go bright red etc

Lastly are some changes in my pricing. I want to apologize for any confusion as I have previously changed my pricing. I hope you can appreciate that as a relatively new business I am learning a lot as I go.

The following changes have been made to services

Cuts – Slight Increase. Also, now gender-neutral cut prices. Pricing for men and women is now relevant to time involved

Balayage/Foils – Decrease

Toner- Slight Increase

On scalp bleach and tone – Increase but price now includes toner.

I have also added an Extra Long/Thick price for all services.

For the exact amount in changes please refer the Bookings/Prices button

for what prices apply to your service. Other wise please feel free to contact me 😊

I’m looking forward to seeing you all!!